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This is where information is going to be collected, revised and arranged until an idea that has been beaten like a dead horse comes into existence. This idea is Uncivilized, a clone of Civilization meant to bring a new depth of gameplay to a classic and irreplacable game. This idea came not as a whim but rather a gift; Uncivilized and this wiki are written in honour and dedication of two very special women. You know who you are. While you're looking around, you might want to see the Design Document, or the pages on reverse engineering. If you want to help out, there is also the Uncivilized:Dashboard.


See also: Sid Meier's Civilization.

Sid Meier's timeless epics, the Civilization games, have for more than one generation described the advancements of culture and history as we know them. He did this with a remarkably simple system, all things considered, and over time it has evolved to maintain its ability to describe and entertain. I hope, here, to reverse engineer this system.

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